Commercial The Drupal game-changer

Traditionally the open source Drupal CMS has been the mainstay of the corporate / NGO and charity market since it lends itself perfectly to the rapid development of websites in those sectors. It also has traction for social media sites, being possibly the best equipped CMS using contributed modules for that functionality; and in addition for news portals and blog networks too.

  • Amazon Marketplace API / Ebay API under PHP to channel manage power sellers
  • PayPal PHP SOAP SDK for automated Express Checkout Recurring payments
  • Drupal theme developed for the website's front-end

  • Complete gamification infrastructure for a revolutionary children's website
  • Database schema for competitions, polls, quizzes, arcade games, interactions with the site, off-line activities, all to generate redemption codes, coins, points, medals (bronze, silver, gold + generic) and trophies, with leaderboards, friending, custom internal email, level up facility, gated content and unlocks

  • Universal NBC Studio Picturebox movies on demand website
  • APIs to PayWizard payments gateway
  • Custom Drupal 7 / PHP code
  • Continuous Integration on Acquia
  • Technical Architecture and Technical Lead
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