• Automated Twitter Account
  • Retweets on results from Streaming API search
  • Automated follow backs
  • Automated unfollows
  • Transaction logging in MySQL for followers and follow-backs
  • Custom PHP code and shell scripting

  • Complete gamification infrastructure for a revolutionary children's website
  • Database schema for competitions, polls, quizzes, arcade games, interactions with the site, off-line activities, all to generate redemption codes, coins, points, medals (bronze, silver, gold + generic) and trophies, with leaderboards, friending, custom internal email, level up facility, gated content and unlocks

  • Universal NBC Studio Picturebox movies on demand website
  • APIs to PayWizard payments gateway
  • Custom Drupal 7 / PHP code
  • Continuous Integration on Acquia
  • Technical Architecture and Technical Lead


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