livetvmatches.com: Under the Hood

My previous blog livetvmatches.com: My first Drupal 8 Website highlighted my first foray into Drupal 8 development and the successful launch of my site from inception to launch. This blogs takes the narrative further - how I developed the site.


  • Rainbow board for Tube status per line updated every 30 seconds
  • Drupal 7
  • APIs to tfl
  • Custom responsive theme based on Twitter Bootstrap


  • Price comparison website for DVDs, CDs, Books and Games
  • Developed using PHP on Linux platform and Apache web server using Drupal CMS
  • Extensive use of web services such as SOAP and REST technologies and Amazon Product API
  • Extensive use of screen-scraping techniques
  • Perl scripts developed to populate the MySQL database with many millions of rows of product data
  • MySQL optimisation required to ensure adequate performance of the database
  • Usage of remote hosting; management through Cpanel


  • Amazon Marketplace API / Ebay API under PHP to channel manage power sellers
  • PayPal PHP SOAP SDK for automated Express Checkout Recurring payments
  • Drupal theme developed for the website's front-end


  • Ongoing pro bono maintenance of the World Development Movememnt website
  • Applying fixes and updates
  • Customised PHP modules to handle donation payments with Webforms
  • Customised PHP modules to integrate Paypal with Webforms


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