Drupal 8

livetvmatches.com: nginx Drupal 8 configuration with Microcaching and 410 Wildcards

Sample nginx webserver configuration files for use with Drupal 8 CMS. The blog also includes a configuration for Microcache with nginx which is useful for short-term caching of dynamic content, and the configuration for generating HTTP 410 Gone Away errors within nginx using wildcards.


  • LiveTVMatches - TV Schedule for live broadcasts of sports events
  • Drupal 8
  • Theme based on Twitter Bootstrap, fully responsive
  • Custom PHP 5.5
  • nginx / fpm + microcache

livetvmatches.com: Under the Hood

My previous blog livetvmatches.com: My first Drupal 8 Website highlighted my first foray into Drupal 8 development and the successful launch of my site from inception to launch. This blogs takes the narrative further - how I developed the site.

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